• Digital Forensics and e-Discovery in Oklahoma City

  • Digital Forensics Services

    Digital forensics, computer forensics, and e-discovery are at the center of nearly every case we investigate. There has never been a time where more evidence has been available and collected in one location since the arrival of mobile devices and social media. Understanding where this information is stored, how to acquire it, and interpreting the context is key to all digital forensics investigations. We investigate and obtain evidence in cases such as computer crime, identity theft, intellectual property, online harassment, domestic cases, and incident response.

    We have trained and certified investigators that perform e-discovery and digital forensics on a wide variety of devices such as:

    • Mobile Devices
    • Laptops
    • Work Stations
    • USB Drives
    • Gaming Consoles
    • Vehicles
    • Drones
    • Smart Appliances
    • IoT Devices
    • Smart Home Devices
    • Digital Cameras and Camera Systems

    Digital forensics and e-discovery isn't just limited to devices alone, we also perform e-discovery and forensics on the following services and platforms:

    • Office 365
    • Gmail
    • Amazon AWS
    • Azure
    • Google Drive
    • One Drive
    • Google Cloud
    • Virtual Machines and Cloud Based Virtual Machines

    Digital Forensics and e-Discovery Evidence

    The evidence we are able to collect as the result of digital forensics is contextually based on the type of case we are investigating. In some cases it may be email, photographs, text messages, and in other cases it may be to show how an attacker compromised a system to gain unauthorized access and exfiltrated data such as company secrets or customer lists.

    The most requested digital evidence we process includes the following:

    • Internet Activity
    • Emails
    • Deleted File Recovery
    • Text Messages
    • Corporate Data Theft and Intellectual Property
    • Backdoor Access
    • Remote Desktop Access
    • Password or username recovery
    • Time and Dates of File Access and Deletion
    • Computer forensics

    In some cases we have resorted to what's called "chip off forensics" where we have to repair damaged hard drives or removable devices such as USB drives. This approach is more complicated and time consuming than the usual type of digital forensics. This often requires the use of specialized equipment such as special soldering devices and microscopes. We have a high degree of success with this approach as long as the devices isn't damaged beyond recovery.

    Digital Forensics Reports

    All digital forensics cases include a professional report that outlines the evidence collected, the tools used to collect it, and the context of what the evidence means in relation to the device it was obtained from. In cases that may be tried in a court of law we also prepare court ready reports that are more appropriate for that particular audience.

    Reports are usually provide in digital format, however a bound hard copy can be requested as well. All reports and evidence are returned to the client at the close of our digital forensics investigation. We do not maintain any evidence, reports, or copies resulting from our analysis.

    Certified Computer Forensics Investigators

    All our investigators hold major industry certifications such as GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner, GIAC Certified Incident Handler, CISSP, and licensed private investigator.

    Our team undergoes regular training and continuing education for digital forensics, computer forensics, evidence acquisition, and forensic analysis. We use industry stand approaches and tools with every forensic case we process. We have investigate cases that include computer crime, human trafficking, divorce cases, hacking cases, cyber stalking, corporate espionage, and many more types of investigations where digital forensics can make or break the investigation.

  • Digital Forensics Services in Oklahoma City