• Case Studies

  • Investigations we performed and their outcomes. As a private investigator working cases in Oklahoma City we a lot of cases involving criminal cases, civil cases, infidelity, missing persons, and other cases you might not expect. Here is a list of some of our latest investigation case studies that shows how a private investigator can help our clients now matter what the nature of the case may be.

    Background Checks by a Private Investigator

    A nanny is accused of leaving a baby and a toddler in a van with the windows up while she was at a tanning salon on a 90-degree day. Kristin Jones, 23, was arraigned in court Friday on charges of criminal mistreatment, reckless endangering, child neglect and driving while suspended. According to court documents, police were called to the parking lot of a southeast Portland tanning salon on reports of children screaming from inside a van. The officer at the scene found the Dodge Caravan in question and said two young children were inside covered in sweat.

    That’s an actual story out of Portland, Oregon. This could have been prevented by hiring a private investigator to perform a background check on the nanny before she was entrusted with the care of the children. A private investigator would have ran a background check and found that  court records show she has previous convictions of driving while suspended in 2012 and 2013, two separate DUI convictions in 2012 and a 2009 conviction for second-degree theft.

    If the parents had hired a private investigator to perform a background check, they could have known this information before they hired the nanny. We always advise against entrusting your child care to anyone with a criminal record, and in this case it was extremely dangerous to the welfare of the children.

    Computer Crime Investigations

    A company in Edmond, OK suspected someone was sending out their clients information to a former employee which now worked for a competitor. After meeting with the managers of the company and gathering information on the former employee we were able to determine 3 people within the company had a connection to the former employee. We setup surveillance on the 3 employees computers and within the first week we found that sure enough, one of the employees was emailing the former employee clients account and purchasing information so they could leverage that information to try and steal sales from the company. This evidence led to the employee being terminated and no more data was found to be leaked from the company.

    We live in a connected world world, and cyber attacks against businesses and individuals are growing in frequency and impact. Cyber incidents, once only a large business concern, is now a major concern for everyone with Internet access. The threats range from doxing, crypto malware, key loggers, and spyware. We investigate data breaches, data leaks, malware, spyware, TSCM, and social media attacks.

    Digital evidence may impact any serious criminal, civil, or domestic investigation such as murder, rape, stalking, infidelity, burglary, child abuse or exploitation, harassment, extortion, gambling, human trafficking, property crimes and terrorism. You need a private investigator skilled in digital evidence collection when any electronic devices are involved. 1 to 1 Risk Control & Investigations has the experience and technology to get the evidence for your case.

    Corporate Investigations

    We were brought in on a case where the alleged suspect was accused of stealing company property. This suspect had been getting away with it for a while by hiding it in what looking like a typical business transaction for this company.

    The company specialized in consumer electronics and their clients would frequently request products to demo and basically try them out to see if they were worth purchasing. Then the clients needed a product provided for them to demo they would contact the suspect to ship it out to them and in some cases the suspect delivered it personally. After the client was done with the product it would be shipped back to the company, but in some cases the suspect would request the company ship it to his residence so it looked like the client never returned the product.

    This activity was finally picked up on by the executive staff which started investigating what was happening. They determined that the suspect was indeed stealing product but wasn’t sure how long this was happening or who all was involved. We were provided with the suspects laptop to obtain evidence relating to vendors requesting products and the suspect advising them to return the product to his residence instead of the company he worked for.

    During our forensic analysis we were able to recover the emails in question and additional emails implicating two other parties, the suspects spouse and a friend. The emails from the suspect to his spouse and friend revealed that they were taking the stolen product to a local retail chain and returning them for cash since this particular retailer didn’t require a receipt. The company was able to obtain a confession from the suspect and recover a large portion of their stolen property.

    Theft Investigations

    Katie is a student who’s car was broken into one night and her GPS and car stereo where stolen. She filed a police report, but the police don’t have the time and resources to pursue a case like this. Katie contacted us to see if a private investigator would be able to recover her property and locate the thief.

    As Katie’s private investigator we first determined the make, model, and serial numbers of the stolen property. We then put out traps online to monitor sites like Craigslist and Ebay to see if the property turns up there. We also canvas the local pawn shops to see if it’s been sold there. While cases like this are tough to solve, we have a better than 50% recovery rate on cases like this.

    During the investigative process, our investigators will obtain as much information as possible. Our investigators will be asking questions about the property, the premises, the people who have access to property stolen, and security measures, if any, taken to protect the property. Your private investigator may request the original police report, question anyone involved, and search for any witnesses. To have the best chance of recovering stolen property, it is important to act quickly. It is advisable to make a police report as soon as the theft is discovered.

    Missing Person Investigations

    Jack has paid a programmer to make a database system for his auto repair shop. The programmer received $2500 up front for the project and has been putting the project off for over a year now. Jack asked for his money back, but the programmer refused. Jack then files a case in court to get a judgement so he can recover his money. When the deputy sheriff goes to serve the programmer with court summons he can’t be found. Jack has tried to determine where the programmer moved to, but to no avail, he can’t be located. Jack needs the help of a private investigator.

    Working with Jack as his private investigator we will need to get some information about the programmer so we can locate him. We’ll need his last known address, email address, telephone number, and the image of the cashed check paid to the programmer. Using the information from those items we’ll be able to start the process of obtaining the new home address for the programmer.

    Landlord and Tenant Investigations

    Working as a private investigator on the landlord’s behalf:

    Steven is a landlord and he wants to make sure that his tenants are trustworthy and credit worthy before he rents out a house to them. In this case serving as a private investigator for Steven we would provide the following services for him:

    A background check on the tenants including character references and credit history and previous rental history and verification. This ensures the tenants do not have a criminal history or any legal issues that might indicate an elevated risk of renting out property to them. We verify rental history to make sure they left previous properties in good condition and there were no outstanding charges that might also indicate an increased risk of renting to them.

    Another service we would provide for Steven is a walkthrough documentation of his property before it’s rented out to potential tenants. In this case we would take photographs and prepare a report notating the condition of the house before it’s rented out. This will help protect Steven if the tenants damage any property and he wants to recover the cost of the damages. In the event Steven has to pursue litigation, serving as an unbiased private investigator we could testify as to the state of the property and provide documentation to prove his case.

    When it comes to tenants we have another service where we perform private investigations on their behalf:

    As a tenant you want to make sure you don’t rent from a bad landlord. In one case Elizabeth was renting a house and the landlord refused to work with her on making needed repairs to the property. The sewer was backing up and shower had quit working. To make matters worse the heater went out in the middle of winter in Oklahoma. The landlord refused to make the repairs, and in fact tried to blame Elizabeth as the cause of them. Eventually Elizabeth moved out and the landlord kept Elizabeth’s deposit for the alleged damages. Working as a private investigator for Elizabeth we were able to document the damage and show that it was normal wear-and-tear, and not due to Elizabeth damaging them or breaking them in some way. During the course of the investigation we also uncovered that the landlord was taken to court by four previous tenants for similar cases. To protect yourself as a tenant you should have a private investigator run a background check and previous litigation history before you rent from them.

    Realestate Investigations

    Alicia is a realtor who’s clients want to buy a home that’s going through the foreclosure process. The owners of the home have abandoned it and can’t be located. If the house goes through the foreclosure process the potential buys will then have to compete with others for the home at auction, and they really want this house. Alicia should contact a private investigator for her real estate investigations.

    Working as a private investigator for Alicia we can track down the homeowners buy means of background checks, interviewing former neighbors, and determining who their employer is. With this information we can provide Alicia and her clients the contact information for the homeowners and they can negotiate a sale that’s beneficial for all parties.